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Process Service

Brookside Medical Services has expanded its service line to now include process service for government, private, and commercial agencies. All Brookside Medical Services staff are trained and readily available for the delivery of all and any process service documentation.

Our Goals

  • Provide fast and effective deliveries.

  • Maintain strong lines of communication.

  • Offer professionalism and respect to all clientele.

In court

Specification of Service

Upon receipt of a service documentation request, Brookside Medical Services can often accommodate deliveries within 24-48 hours. Should a delivery be time specific or urgent in nature; same-day delivery can be offered.

All attempts and successful deliveries will be documented and reported to the requestor. All reporting will be submitted via email on the same day the service is provided. Record of the visitation and any interaction with clientele will be documented and included in the reporting process.

What we need

Upon receipt of a service request, specific clientele information will be required, such as follows:

1. Client full-name.
2. Address to serve documentation.

3. Client contact information (phone, email).

4. Special Instructions (Specific entryway details, aggressive animals. etc...).

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